Working with Tye was a stellar experience. He worked with the precision of a professional, yet treated us with the warmth of a friend. He produced results swiftly, yet with the care and detail that usually needs years. He gave us the sound we wanted, and somehow... so much more. He listened to what we wanted to achieve musically and heard more than we told him.

Bottom line: Tye delivered.
— Gio Sachi - Sachiel (FEB 2019)

Working with Tye was an amazing and fun experience, especially for one of our members having their first experience with professional recording. Tye is extremely patient and easy to work with, constantly making sure you’re happy throughout the entire process and working towards what you want to create. We were so happy beyond words with the finished product. Cannot wait to do it again!!
— Dave Xuereb - Decrier (SEP 2018)

Ol’ mate TBones is the yin to our yang, the onion in our bunnings snag, and the wind beneath our wings.
If Tye ever stops turning knobs we’ll have to retire, he’s the only one capable of making us sound like we know how to play.
We can’t do a record without him, period.
He also has nice hair.
Much recommend A++++ seller would buy from again.
— Luke Walton - Blunt Shovel (OCT 2016)

Tye is a fkn Legend! He has a way of making you feel comfortable, and drawing out your best performance. The recording process was an awesome experience, and the outcome of it all was a quality album that I am proud to have been a part of. As my first recording experience, I’ll carry nothing but fond memories of Tye’s ability to record EVERYTHING, and his very, very suggestive encouragement to Evan Hart ;) Thanks Tye!
— Kristina Maggio - Furious Penguin (JUL 2014)

If you ever need music recorded, mixed or worked on in any sort , my good friend T-bones will 100% be your best choice. Experienced , talented, gets the job done and downright best dude. Get into it!
— Claudio Arena

After being stuffed around, T-Bones literally took us under his wing and put us absolutely first on his to-do list . Very reliable, kind and took aboard every idea we had; brought it all to life also adding his own wicked touch . Top lad!
— Jacob Pederson - Atlantis Of The Sky