A comprehensive mix of your track!

All tracks must be pre-recorded, and this is a mix using a combination of analogue outboard gear, analogue recording consoles and digital plugins.


  • A mix of your track.
  • Melodyne-ing/tuning of vocal parts (if need be).
  • 2 revisions - after the first finalised mix has been sent through, you can ask for 2 sets of mix revisions. Please be specific!! I want to make sure you're stoked with the final product!!
  • WAV pre-masters, with vocal up/vocal down settings.
  • If your band plays with backing tracks/samples, I can print out your samples with a click track/hat count-ins for live use.


  • Mastering - I will not master your track, this is included in the "MIX + MASTER" package. For more information on Mastering, check out the "MASTER" package.
  • Writing/producing any parts for the track. This includes synth parts, additional instrumentation.
  • Editing of instrumentation - I usually like to edit drum/bass/guitar parts to get you super tight, however this isn't included in the "MIX" price, it's included in the "FULL PRODUCTION" packages.
  • Re-Amping of guitars - Sending me D.I. tracks of guitars will not be included in the "MIX" rate. The re-amping process involves me sourcing amplifiers and cabinets to re-track your guitar sound, and usually takes a few hours to complete. All re-amping is involved in the "RE-AMPING" and "FULL PRODUCTION" packages.
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